Meal Prepping

Let's Meal Prep!
May 05, 2017

Let’s Meal Prep!

Every single Sunday you can find me meal prepping up a storm!  I have said it time, and time again – and it’s still true, meal prep is one of my secret tools to hitting my fitness and weight loss goals come the end of the week. When you take a little time to think about what’s going in your body, and how your calories stack up, you can see results SO much faster than by simply eating whatever you like, whenever you like. If the idea if meal prepping seems overwhelming,......

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Why We Went Back for More♡

You may remember that I wrote about the experience Dave and I had eating plant-based meals for a week. Not only did we both lose weight (I lost 1.3kgs!!), had incredibly restful sleeps every night, and generally felt so good in ourselves – but these plant-based meals opened up a new world for my previously only meat-and-three-vege-dinner-eating boyfriend. Before Green Dinner Table he wouldn’t have dreamed of having a vegetarian, yet alone a vegan dinner. I only had to say the word vegan to him and you could see him conjuring up......

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You Guide To Being A BBG Meal Prep Master ♡

When Sunday hits we all start off the week with the best of intentions to eat clean, get all our workouts in, and make progress towards our goals! But in reality, once the week gets going and deadlines are moving in quick and fast it’s easy to feel tempted and JUSTIFIED to grab all of your food out and about. Sushi for lunch? A bakery slice for afternoon tea? We’ve all done it. However, for those who meal prep all (or some) of their meals are already planned out and ready to......

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