Honest Review of the Sweat by Kayla App vs BBG PDF Which is better?

Are you looking for information on the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines and whether you should buy a subscription to the App or the PDF?  I have tried both the App and the PDF so let’s talk and figure out which is best for you! I have been doing the BBG programme for 26 weeks now, but I’ve owned the programme much longer. I first purchased the BBG 1.0 PDF prooobably back in 2010(ish). It was SO long ago now I can’t quite remember! I do remember getting a text from......

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NEW YOUTUBE VID | What I Ate In A Day + BBG Workout

I’m baaaaack with another What I Ate In A Day YouTube vid, and this one includes a bonus sneak peek at what my BBG workouts look like!  I filmed this before I left for Bali, but didn’t have a chance to finish editing it.  I have LOADS more videos on their way, so pretty please subscribe to my channel & LIKE the video because the support means the world to me! If you have any questions about what I ate, or the workout, feel free to comment them below and I’ll answer......

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Facing My Fears and Pressing Upload! ♡

Completing the 12 Week BBG Challenge did so much more for me than only kick-starting my weight-loss and fitness goals, it also increased my confidence.   It got me thinking; if I could tackle BBG, what other goals am I capable of going after? I’ve been watching and following my favourite YouTubers for years, loving their videos and really wanting to make my own, but I have always been too scared to hit upload.  It’s just you in front of a camera sharing your life with those watching… Terrifying!  But if BBG......

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