Honest Review of the Sweat by Kayla App vs BBG PDF Which is better?

Honest Review of the Sweat by Kayla App vs BBG PDF Which is better?

Are you looking for information on the Bikini Body Guide by Kayla Itsines and whether you should buy a subscription to the App or the PDF?  I have tried both the App and the PDF so let’s talk and figure out which is best for you!

I have been doing the BBG programme for 26 weeks now, but I’ve owned the programme much longer.

I first purchased the BBG 1.0 PDF prooobably back in 2010(ish). It was SO long ago now I can’t quite remember! I do remember getting a text from my friend telling me that she’d just found this amazing Instagram of this personal trainer Kayla Itsines and that the before and afters she was featuring of her clients all over the world were insane. I looked and I couldn’t BELIEVE it. I wanted in!

She had researched the programme and found out it was called the Bikini Body Guide, or BBG for short. We immediately pulled out our little student credit cards and bought the PDF from her website. Once the electronic file arrived we both took the file on USB sticks to our local Warehouse Stationary and paid for the MASSIVE 70+ page document to be printed in colour, and bound. We were ready to start BBG!

Here’s where my memory gets a bit hazy. We both tried the first workout and I’m not sure who caved first. I think it was me. The workouts were tough, I was not prepared for how tough they were. Doing squats and lunges and planks?????? No thank you. So, my BBG just sat on the shelf gathering dust.
Over the YEARS I thought about BBG a lot. I really wanted to do it and to complete it, but every time I would just half-heartedly begin in, try the workouts, find them so hard, and just quit.

Some years later as her popularity grew and grew Kayla went a step-further than her two PDFs (BBG 1.0 and BBG 2.0) and introduced her app; Sweat. At first the Sweat app was EXACTLY the PDF, but you had to pay a monthly fee to access it on your phone (stupid!) so I wasn’t into it. Then the app got a major overhaul and instead of static pictures, the circuits featured moving image/video/gifs showing Kayla DOING the exercise which was AMAZING. I was able to see the workout and I loved the interactivity of the app, so I repurchased my subscription for 12 weeks and I was away!

After my 12 week subscription ended I realised something… There is basically no information out there for those who are really really really stumped with whether they should pay for the app, or use the PDF. There are some websites with information, but they’re sneaky third-party sites who are trying to get you to buy a bootlegged PDF through them. There’s nothing unbiased out there that I could find, SO, I decided to film a YouTube vlog about the differences between the PDF and the App from someone who has tried them both.

It’s an honest review about their differences and similarities so that you can make the decision about which would be best for you.  Watch my video below!


One thing I didn’t touch on in the video was which I prefer because all I wanted to do was share the information about the pros and cons of each – but, if you are curious, I prefer the App.

I love it’s interactivity, I love being able to watch the videos of the workout moves and it has helped me a lot in growing in my knowledge of various exercises that previously I’d never seen or done before.

But, as I said, I’m a student, so ultimately my choices are defined by my budget restrictions. The PDF has everything you need to start and complete BBG. You don’t need the app at all! I just prefer it, personally!

If you have any questions about the video or which would be best for you – feel free to send me a message and I’ll get back to you. NO hidden agenda here, just trying to help out my fellow BBG girls!