The Bali Diaries ♡

The Bali Diaries ♡

Bali is an incredible destination and it’s a place that I have wanted to visit forever!  This year I spent five days in this magical country and I am sharing my ULTIMATE FIVE DAY ITINERARY so that you can plan an incredible trip there too!

Last Christmas my incredible boyfriend Dave surprised me with the best present ever: tickets to Bali!! A local airline was having an amazing sale, and he made the most of it locking in two return tickets from Christchurch for us to have a little 5-day break in Bali!

Neither of us had ever visited Bali before, but it was a place that I had always wanted to explore. Dave was a little more hesitant than me, and understandably so with all those rumours swirling about it being a dangerous place to visit… ahem Schapelle Corby ahem.

The day came for our flight and we had to be up SUPER bright and early. Our flight out of Christchurch left at 6.30am, which meant we had to be there two hours prior. It was a rough way to start the day, especially because we’d had almost no sleep the night before sharing my tiny double bed at my parents house (who kindly offered to take us to the airport!).

Our first stop was Sydney, and given that we were basically flying to Bali for the price of one normal sale price, our layover was a long one: 8.5 hours! We made it through customs and security super fast, and left our bags (we only bought carry on) at a really handy bag-check-in spot in the International Arrival area of the terminal. Two bags for 8 hours of storage only cost us $22 AUD which meant we didn’t have to lug those around with us throughout the city… TOTALLY worth it and I 100% recommend doing this if you’re planning on leaving the airport.

We wandered around the city first having brunch, then met a friend of Dave’s for lunch and drinks at the Glenmore Rooftop.  That place is utter heaven on earth, nestled in Sydney’s historic Rocks neighbourhood it provides a gorgeous view of the Sydney Harbour.  Even better, because we were there on a workday it was really peaceful on the rooftop.  The perfect place to have a midday wine!

After that it was time to head to the airport and check in for our next flight… TO BALI!!!!!!!!!!

We grabbed dinner on the way to the airport bringing it with us, because Jetstar is notorious for having zero frills: no entertainment, no food, and not even offering people water = no wonder they’re rated the worst airline to fly with. Unfortunately they were so much cheaper than the other airline’s prices, so we rolled with it, and planned ahead to make our journey as bearable as possible.

The night before we left we’d filled up the laptop with our favourite TV shows and movies, we bought snacks, and had bottles ready to refill with water – then we arrived at our allocated seats and found that they had sat us across the ailse from each other. So annoying! That journey to Bali was one of the roughest flights I’ve ever been on. It was like we’d entered the twilight zone with all these antsy passengers who couldn’t keep still – literally pacing up and down the ailse like caged animals! It was so weird.

After took what felt like forever, two very exhausted Kiwis touched down in BALI!

Something that I had not prepared for at ALL was the sheer volume of passengers that would pour not only off of our flight, but others that arrived at the same time, and all would congregate in the Immigration area.  You really should hustle once you’re off the plane to try and move a bit further ahead in a queue because trust me, they fill up fast!  We looked behind us in the line and it stretched on as far as we could see.  The lines were massive, and because our day had begun at 3am we were exhausted by this point!  If you do get unlucky it isn’t the end of the world because they move people through quickly, but I’m glad we moved to get ahead a little!

Once we walked out into the terminal the heat really hit us for the first time!  The airport is open on the sides, so you no longer have any air conditioning keeping you cool. Immediately I felt myself getting sweaty and any makeup I had left was definitely disappearing!  It is SO HUMID!  But it was SO COOL to finally be in Bali!

The other crazy experience is when you first walk out and you see all of the signs of the drivers waiting for passengers, it felt like a ZILLION people were there holding signs.  Totally crazy.  It must be what celebrities like Kim Kardashian experience on an everyday basis!  We had to walk around a little to find our driver, but there he was holding a sign that read ABIA VILLAS! Our home, sweet home for the next five days!

We had such an incredible time in Bali and I want to share it with you in case you’re planning your own trip there so that it’s helpful information in creating your very own itinerary!  Over the next week I’ll be sharing our 5-day trip to Bali, what we did, what we recommend (and would do again in a heartbeat) and what we’d skip on the next trip.  I can’t wait to share it all with you!  Get amped for the Bali Diaries!!  Ready for more?  Click below to see the individual itineraries for each day.