The Bali Diary: Day One ♡

The Bali Diary: Day One ♡

Waking up in a gorgeous villa in BALI after a massive day of travel was absolutely incredible. Because we’d arrived so late the night before all we had done was go to our villa, enjoy our welcome drink of fresh watermelon juice, check in and fall into bed exhausted! We’d only seen a tiny bit of Bali on our way to the villa, and we were super pumped to explore it some more now that the sun was up!

Our beautiful one-bedroom villa was located at Abia Villas which was in Legian (basically 1/2 way between Kuta and Seminyak).  Abia like many other villas offered complimentary breakfasts everyday which was SO HEAVENLY!  Back at home we’re both so busy in the mornings that we never have time to press pause and eat breakfast together (unless it’s the weekend), so having that as a daily Bali ritual was very specialto me!  We got to chose either an American (eggs, potatoes, mushrooms + fresh fruit + juice + coffee), Balinese (nasi goreng or nasi mi gorang + fresh fruit + juice + coffee) , or Continental breakfast (pancakes or cashew crepes + fresh fruit + juice + coffee).  After ordering breakfast was delivered to our villa and laid out for us beautifully on our table to enjoy pool-side.

We came to Bali with ZERO dollars of the local currency with us, so we needed to cash up!  We decided after breakfast that it was time to take to the streets to hunt down an ATM.  This was something that the staff at Abia Villas were so helpful with, steering us in the right direction down the road to find the closest ATM… Without having any money we didn’t have sim cards for our phones so we didn’t have the luxury of googling!

Before coming to Bali the one thing that I stressed out about was what we’d do with converting money.  Should we do it before leaving NZ?  While we were in transit in Australia?  Or wait until we touched down in Bali?  Ultimately we went with the last option.  We’re both Bank of New Zealand customers and we were told that we could simply take our Eftpos cards with us, putting them in any ATM that had the same symbol as on our cards, and just press ‘cheque’ to get funds out.  Each time we did we were charged an ATM fee that was between $5-$7, but we were able to get out $2.5 mil IDR each time, which was about $250 AUD.  Converting in our heads to NZ currency was too tricky, so we pretended we were Aussies who had an easier conversion rate! If you’re unsure what to do with your money, I highly recommend just taking your Eftpos card and using the ATMs in Bali when you need money.  It’s super safe, very easy, and we encountered zero issues doing so!  It is so much better than having to plan ahead and get your money converted before leaving for Bali (which will mean you have to pay exchange fees + bank fees)

We wandered back to our Villa cash in hand and took advantage of the free shuttle that first morning that our Villa offered. It drove us directly into the heart of Seminyak while we stared wide eyed at the bustling city around us.

The area of Seminyak itself is MASSIVE! And weirdly, it’s not as easy to walk around as I expected. The sidewalks themselves are really small, at most holding two people smushed quite closely together.  Keeping the sidewalks small allows for the roads to be slightly bigger, but they’re pretty tiny too! Also the heat and the sun makes it a little uncomfortable at first to walk around – we got used to being sweaty all the time – so at first while you’re adjusting make the most of any free shuttle offered by your Villa!

For our first day all we wanted to do was relax into our holiday doing one of our favourite past-times: SHOPPING! Seminyak is the perfect place to do this too!  There’s all kinds of stores there from homewear, clothing, accessories, shoes. You can shop higher-end and hit designer boutiques, or comb through markets looking and haggling for a bargain.

In between shopping adventures we took regular snack and drink breaks trying out new eateries!  Some of our favourites that we discovered that day in the main area of Seminyak were Earth Cafe (amazing array of healthy options from salads, bowls, raw vegan desserts, fresh juices and smoothies) and Lacalaca Cantina Mexicana (SO YUMMY!)! The price of food is so much cheaper than in New Zealand, but remember that the advertised price doesn’t include an additional 10% tax + 6% gratuity. Even still, it was really affordable to eat out in Bali!

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In the afternoon we took another little break from the streets to head to AMO Spa for pedicures!  I found this place on Instagram, and it looked so beautiful – which it was.  Pedicures were half the price as they are normally in New Zealand, and it was THE best one I have ever had ever!  What makes it even better is that they have a bar inside the beauty spa that means you could order fresh juices, smoothies, beer or even a COCKTAIL!  We got right on that, and relaxed into our treatments even more! I highly, highly, highly recommend this place.  I would have come back here everyday if I could have!

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After we’d shopped ourselves out some more we flagged a cab (make sure it’s a BLUE CAB only!), negotiated a price (do that before the meter starts to get a better deal) and made our way back to the villa for a swim, a cocktail and to freshen up before going out again for dinner!

We ended up having dinner at the Corner House on our first night.  You cannot miss this place because it’s so beautiful from the outside, as well as being jaw-droppingly gorgeous on the inside.  I fell in love with everything right away from the interior to the menu!
Because of our jetlag we had dinner pretty early for Bali standards at around 6.  We found that it doesn’t really get busier until closer to 8, unless you’re dining at a location that lets you watch the sunset, then people are there earlier.

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Our first day of eating, drinking, being pampered, and shopping was an incredible introduction to our new favourite place BALI!